Nine Insights on Personal Branding

The headline, tagline and heartline are really important for election campaigns and your messages must line up.

For leaders they must reflect voter concerns and feedback in a clear, condensed and crystallised way.

Its about the alignment of your message with some of the resonating issues with the electorate and Kevin Rudd’s tagline was very, very simple - Kevin07.

Its memorable, effective, catchy, even cheesy and yes its clever, but its very, very simple and it became his signature slogan and its effectiveness is in its simplicity, Kevin07, just two words and they align and rhyme.

Now interestingly in terms of headlines and taglines and visual cues, in the nineties we had Nike with three words - Just Do It.

Lyn Altman a New York based branding expert says while in the nineties three words were popular, we now need to do what she calls the two-word drill.

She believes for a new idea, product or concept to be successful, it must be in its most pure form and that’s just two words.

Finding two words that last is very difficult.

In fact, Kevin07, was originally initiated as an internet address for an election website. But it took on greater significance.

There are a number of organisations using two-word branding slogans, Beyond Petroleum for BPIntel Inside for the ingredient brand Intel are good examples.

Numbers also have a magic about them and Kevin Rudd date stamped his tagline as a time in history, as a historical moment and a time of great change.

What Australia Is Well Known For

Apart from its sporting talents, especially cricket, Australia is well known for its national symbol which is the kangaroo. The kangaroo is found widely in most parts of Australia and therefore attracts a lot of tourists across the year. The animal’s skin is also used to produce leather products apart from its meat being used as food.

You may not be aware, but the leather produced by kangaroo skin actually has 10 times more tensile strength than cow hide. The skin can really be made very thin by cutting, but it can still retain most of its strength. It is therefore regarded as one of the strongest leather in the world so it is used to make football shoes mostly. The demand of it has caused nearly 7 million kangaroos to be sacrificed every year.

The leather has a kind off elastic effect. Upon wearing, the leather sticks very tightly to the player’s feet giving maximum feel of the ball.

Nike and Adidas are currently leading the football market as far as shoes are concerned. But, Adidas uses the most of kangaroo leather shoes.

Liverpool Midfielder Craig Johnston was the first person to wear shoes made off kangaroo leather. He wore the Adidas Predators in 1993 but 5 years ago quite doing so. That is because he didn’t like the idea off so many kangaroo killings required to produce these. He therefore supported synthetic football shoes.

The demand for these shoes is great because the fans of the players who wear them want to feel like them. This is why there have been a lot many kangaroo killings to meet the demand of these shoes which have raised worldwide controversies.

Usually, adult kangaroos are required to produce the shoes. So if mothers are killed, young kangaroos are left behind who can’t survive on their own.

Animal cruelty is also another issue. Although industries do insist that they kill the kangaroos painlessly, most protestors do not think so.